MSU Phonology & Phonetics Group

The Michigan State University (MSU) Phono Group specializes in research on the Phonology and Phonetics of human languages. Contact us for more information about the group.

The meetings are primarily a way for faculty and students to discuss their research. The following are some of the topics that there is active research in:

  • What is the relationship between phonological knowledge and the performance systems?
  • How do phonological alternations modulate auditory perceptual illusions?
  • What is the phonological and phonetic basis of loanword patterns in Mandarin Chinese?
  • How do tone sandhi patterns manifest in production and perception?
  • What are the phonetic correlates of syllable structure?
  • How are cross-linguistic phonetic/phonological differences used in online perception?



Fall 2022
When: Friday 12:30 - 14:00
Where: Wells Hall B-410